What we do

We improve the efficiency of your business.

Our single services are like little bricks that can be combined as needed, or put together to a full assistance plan, bringing all the skills that we master.

What we offer

Nutrition support

We do not just write down your feed ration. Everything that happens from the preparation of the ration to the animal mouth can be critical: forage and feed quality, storage capacity, TMR composition, data recording, herd and groups average daily intake and so on. Post-production is followed up as well: results, performances, milk quality and fertility.

Milk quality and best practices

Milk quality can have a huge impact on the final income, both by a chemical point of view (fat%, protein%) and by a hygienic and microbiological point of view. Healthy udders will bring greater revenues, both in terms of milk produced and of milk quality. Good routines, especially the ones carried out in the milking parlour, must be set and clearly transmitted to all the farm workers. A healthier herd will definitely be easier to manage and more profitable

Big livestock farming

We offer management consultancy also for big farms with other kinds of livestock besides dairy cattle, e.g. pigs, broilers, hens, beef cattle and so on.

Farm Plan

You reap what you sowed. And animals eat what you reaped. So then, how can you separate the Farm Plan from the nutrition plan? An optimized Farm Plan will surely optimize the final result of your business.

Supplies and suppliers

Choosing the right suppliers often results in a better economic outcome, that goes without saying. So far, we have not met a single farm that did not recover a substantial amount of money by the means of a simple optimization of the purchases.

Selection strategy and bull semen choice

It can be said that almost no farm is able to take full advantage from bull genetics potentiality to improve the final income. Common sense is definitely not enough.

Profit and Loss account

We developed a specific software and called it €rgo®, a latin word that means “therefore”. Data recording is necessary to make decisions, it is preparatory. Once you measured things you can draw conclusions. It represents an essential tool for running a business with an entrepreneurial attitude.

Daily routines organization

It can often be seen a discrepancy between manpower working in a farm and technical performances obtained. Setting new, efficient, daily and weekly routines, as well as selecting the right people for the right tasks allow us to create a coherent alignment of the amount of work and final results. It is part of our duty.

Monthly budgeting

Every farm needs budgeting, as well as a monthly control of the results to be able to change strategy, if needed. This makes the basis of a kind of process that can be defined “industrial”

Check-up, Business Plan and investment evaluation

Some farms need a full check-up at a certain time, but every farm need to at least evaluate the different potentialities offered by the market, to pick up the best.

Bio-gas investment evaluation and performance check

Bio-gas plants can sometimes represent a good investment. Once built, its performances must be constantly checked, since not every bio-gas plant works in a proper manner, exploiting the full potentiality that it can carry. If you have one, better keep it under control!

Benchmarking and ranking of economic results

How can you improve your results if you do not compare them with data coming from other farms similar to yours? Your net income can have a boost if you get to know where to look at. If you reckon, you can enter our benchmarking group. Your data will be anonymously elaborated and will contribute to the definition of benchmarks for every cost element, giving you your ranking in return. What other way to maximise your efficiency?

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