the Company

Farm Consulting owns a vast knowledge acquired by standing by the farmers’ side over the years.

Our partners led their family-run businesses (most of all dairy farms) for years before joining us, therefore they perfectly know what being a farmer means. They experienced the concerns, they know the ambitions of the agricultural sector as well as the potentiality of the dairy farms.

They are not just good professionals.

They carry with them the values coming from their strong attachment to the agricultural world and the people living within it.

Our effectiveness can be proved by many good references we can count on.

We work synergically with professor Alessandro Fantini, Dairy Medicine Specialist.

Here is our staff

Arrigo Milanesi

Leonello Vecchi

Clelia Dosi

Agostina Imberti

Lorenzo Giusti

Stefano Finetti

Santo Milanesi

Massimo Vailati


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